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Ik heb het over het aandeel dat in volgende mail die ik ontving besproken wordt, ja zelfs zeer sterk aanbevolen wordt.  Een kans om maal tien te gaan, die hier gratis wordt weggegeven.  Nu is de vraag : is dit een zogenaamde teaser, iets weggeven in de hoop dat u lid wordt, of een geval van pump and dump, een aandeel zeer fel aanbevelen om het straks zelf tegen zoveel keer de waarde te verkopen.  Wat is uw mening ? Wij vernemen het graag…

Dazzling newcomer already producing oil and coal!

Jarret Wollstein is one of the most highly regarded market analysts in the world today. His track record for publishing money-making market movements for his subscribers to Intelligent Investor Report and Intelligent Options Bulletin has earned his readers annualized profits of 100% to 900% and greater.

Coal Tops His
Winning Picks

In 2008, coal became a target in Wollstein’s portfolio picks. Leading his sector recommendation was Fording Coal, which turned in a 153% profit in just 12 months. He later recommended Alpha Natural Resources for a 160% gain in just 5 months.

In mid-2009, Mr. Wollstein discovered Americas Energy Company (TRET) and made it his top coal pick for the year. His projections are for the stock to quintuple in the near-term and grow 11-fold longer term. His strategy: Buy TRET and hold.

Another Profitable Year for Intelligent Investor Report Subscribers!

Winners Included:

Fording Coal up 153% 12 mths
Deere & Co up 90% 3 months
NTG up 36% 2 months
Goldcorp up 36% 3 months
Alpha Nat. Res. up 160% 5 mths
ABB Ltd up 108% 18 months
Freeport McMoran up 37% 3 ms
AK Steel up 63% 12 months
Bayer up 76% 18 months
HDFC Bank up 114% 16 months
Petro Brasileiro up 53% 3 mths
Barrick Gold up 24.7% 3 mths
Aquarius Plat. up 151% 18 mths
Co. Vale de Rio up 32% 3 mths
Prec. Cast Parts up 120% 18 ms
iShares Brazil up 87% 18 ms
Mosaic up 29% 13 months

“Coal-fired electric generating plants are the cornerstone of America’s central power system.”
U.S. Department of Energy

Why Coal… Why Now

Without coal, half of America’s electrical grid would shut down. And despite popular calls for alternatives, nothing will replace coal in any meaningful way for the production of electricity.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), North America’s consumption of coal over the next two decades will increase by 21% and globally, demand for coal will increase nearly 50%!

Coal Facts:

Coal is America’s most abundant energy resource, enough to meet power needs for 250 years.

Appalachia produces the highest quality coal in the world and commands the highest price both domestically and internationally.

America’s long term energy policy is bullish on coal with $2.4 billion committed to new coal-use research.

Coal has produced three-times the profits on Wall Street of oil, natural gas, and alternative energy.

U.S. Air Force has made it a policy that half its air fleet will be flying on coal-based jet fuel by 2015.

Key Players in
Appalachian Coal

Americas Energy Company Appalachian neighbors are the largest coal producers in America. These include:

Peabody Energy (BTU)
Market cap: $8.95B

Arch Coal (ACI)
Market cap: $2.85B

Alpha Natural Resources (ANR)
Market cap: $2.47B

Massey Energy (MEE)
Market cap: $2.36B

Patriot Coal (PCX)
Market cap: $804M

James River Coal Company (JRCC)
Market cap: $437M

Americas Energy
Company (TRET)

Current Prince: $1
Short-term Target: $3
Mid-term Target: $5
Long-term Target: $11
Buy and Hold


To the Profit Seeking Investor:

I read hundreds of business plans a year, most of which end up in the trash… but when I saw Americas Energy Company (OTCBB: TRET) I jumped to my computer and implored my readers to, “Buy this stock now!”

Get a load of these numbers: Sales projections for Americas Energy’s first year in business are a whopping $56.6 million! Year two: $108.9 million!

1. These figures come straight from the company’s unaudited
pro forma sales projections posted on the company website.

I’ve never seen anything like it. At today’s price of $1 a share, Americas Energy (TRET) sells like a junior… yet it’s ready to produce massive quantities of energy in the heart of Appalachia.

Yes, I said produce… not just explore.

This is a no brainer!

I did some quick math and at $56 million revenue, TRET could be selling mid term at $5 a share… and longer term, at least $11 a share.

Invest $5,000 and you could pocket $50,000 profit!
Invest $10,000 and you could pocket $100,000 profit!

In my 30 years writing about companies on the rise, I’ve only run across a handful with profit potential like this… and we made a bundle off them. So I strongly recommend that you make an immediate and substantial buy in TRET… load up as much as you can as fast as you can.

Big guys missed Americas Energy mines… and now they’re kicking themselves for it.

James River Coal (JRCC), America’s third largest coal producer is right in Americas Energy neighborhood and I’ll bet heads rolled when they missed these deals.

While the big guys were watching, Americas Energy management team put under contract or purchased high quality coal assets conservatively valued at more than $393 million!

In Bell County, Kentucky, Americas Energy landed a prime Appalachian coal mine hosting 21 million tons of high grade coal… that’s $1.26 billion in coal… and the company’s pro forma projects this site will be generating $4.3 million a month in revenues just getting started!

After it reaches full production, this mine should settle in to produce around $4 million a month in profit.

That’s more than enough to drive TRET shares past $5!

In Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Americas Energy has contracted to extract another $274 million in coal resources, which according to pro forma projections could generate another $36 million a year in revenues at full production. What’s more, they have development potential adjacent to this site for another 8 million tons of coal, worth up to $48 million!

And I’m not done! Not showing up in the $393 million valuation is this whopper of a deal:

Americas Energy is working to close on a mother lode of coal, 341 million tons! That’s $20.46 billion in coal… enough to keep this company churning out mega-profits for the next 50 years!

Add that to the balance sheet and the valuation of Americas Energy Company could skyrocket into the billions! Again, all of the numbers I refer to are documented on the company’s published pro formas from the company website!

There’s oil and gas as well!

I love the cash that can be made from coal, but Americas Energy is well diversified.

The company just acquired 1,700 acres of “high probability” oil and natural gas property which include 5 working wells that with modernization, are projected to produce up to 50 barrels a day. On top of that, the company has set out plans to drill one well per month on the property for a total of 100 wells over the course of the property’s development plan!

I could go on at length about this company’s prospects for generating revenue and profits for its investors. Let me restate the key point of this report:

Buy TRET shares right now!
Buy as much as you can and get ready for the profits to fly!

$3 a share near term.
$5 a share mid term
$11 a share for investors who hold.

I have never seen a junior energy company come out of the gate with anything approaching the kind of numbers I’m seeing for TRET.

You do not want to miss this and I don’t want you to come in too late. For my complete report on Americas Energy Company, which includes more details about the company’s holdings and profit potential, just click on the link below.

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  4 reacties aan “TEASER OF PUMP AND DUMP…?”

  1. Mijn ervaring is dat wat echt voordeel biedt en echt werkt, maar in heel uitzonderlijke gevallen worden weggegeven. Wat mij nog argwanender maakt, is de professionele manier waarop deze tip wordt aangeboden. Het is bijna een reclame voor een duur product.

    Tom Lassing doet minder inspanning voor zijn rapporten van 49 euro te promoten dan dat hier is gedaan om een gratis product te promoten.

    Voor de goede orde, ik heb de inhoud niet gelezen, ik ga dus volledig af op de vorm die, volgens mij, niet past bij het “gratis” van het product.

  2. De rapporten van Tom Lassing enz. vind ik net zo commercieel.

    Voor de rest ben ik het eens met Luc en heb hierover ‘n berichtje gemaakt dat om de een of andere reden niet is geplaatst.

    Ps ook ik wil dit bericht niet eens helemaal lezen want ik heb (gelukkig) véél belangrijker dingen te doen. De commercie druipt er letterlijk van af.

  3. U schijnt een aversie te hebben van alles wat commercieel is. De ganse wereld is “commercieel” ingericht ! Wat zou er daarom mis zijn met dergelijke acties ? Integendeel : u kunt belangrijke opportuniteiten missen door er niet aan deel te nemen…

  4. Dat soort “opportuniteiten” kan ik missen als kiespijn. Op dat gebied ben ik ‘n rasechte doe-het-zelver en heb zo al véél geld bespaard.

    En ja, er is wat aversie ; vooral omdat het meestal zo vreselijk doorzichtig is.

    Als ik er vanuit zou moeten gaan dat het allemaal zo juist is wat er in die rapporten staat zou ik toch mogen aannemen dat de schrijvers hiervan allemaal steenrijk moeten zijn ?

    Als U nu zegt ” dan moet je het allemaal niet lezen ” heeft U natuurlijk wel ‘n punt !

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