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…, dat is wat volgende beleggersservice ons voorspiegelt.  En als u dit niet gelooft dan maken we u iets anders wijs ! Wie hecht hier geloof aan.  U soms ? Wij vernemen het graag…

Dear Money Morning Reader,
You can easily turn just $200 into $1.2 million – or more – with a select group of stocks.
Triple-digit gains are common. Sometimes, huge gains pile up one on top of another.
Next thing you know, a small amount of starting cash has turned into incredible riches…

How’s all this possible?

The key is the CXS Money-Multiplier strategy. You can check out how CXS finds ignored tiny stocks – and returns huge gains – in the report below.

Mike Ward
Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning




Get Ridiculously Wealthy
as Tiny Stocks Explode
How you can turn just $200 into $1 million, or MORE!

You Could Be Getting Rich With Scientifically Selected Penny Stocks. My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy Finds Enormous Gains, and It’s Incredibly Easy. I’ll Tell You When to Buy and Sell. The Profits Can Be Astounding. You’ll KICK Yourself if You Miss This Chance!

“I’m Talking About the Possibility of Turning $200 Into $15,000-30,000 – or MUCH More With My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy.

“I Do All the Hard Work, Explaining What to Buy. Discover the Easiest Way to Earn the Most Money in the Market. Here’s My Incredible Offer…”  

Dear Reader:

My groundbreaking CXS portfolio is stuffed right now with penny stocks that are poised for huge moves! Here’s a sample of the kinds of stocks I’m talking about:

In December 2008, I recommended to my readers a firm that is leading the way in a cutting-edge Internet technology. This company has just 80 employees and its technology is being used by major companies, governments, and universities. Its clients are projected to one day include some of the most powerful Internet providers in the world.

Wall Street analysts are finally starting to take notice of this revolutionary company – but guess what – they’re already too late!

Investors who are already on board with this stock are in line to see enormous returns, maybe even within the next few months! Just like that. And these smart, early investors are going to be around for the profit ride on this stock for a long, long time. The sky is literally the limit.

Does that sound exciting?

I hope so, because in this for-your-eyes-only report, I’m going to show you how you can turn $200 investments into potentially enough to retire on by following my extraordinary, proven CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy. You’ll read about one example in which $200 grew to $1 million. In this Special Issue, you’ll also discover:

  • How to prove my strategy works on paper first. Don’t risk a single cent!
  • A theoretical case that literally turns $200 into $1.2 million.
  • How penny stock fortunes can be made
  • Why you DON’T need any experience to invest in these stocks
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

You see, investors often approach penny stocks with a “shotgun” philosophy. They throw a ton of money at a bunch of stocks, and hope for the best. No one out there is really doing serious research on penny stocks. Why? Because it’s too hard for most analysts. The CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy cures that problem – and could put profits in your pocket!

But I must warn you, this offer I’m making today may NOT be repeated. Please read it very carefully and act as soon as possible.

Here’s How the Ordinary Investor Cashes in on Huge Profits

Please read this report very, very carefully. I’m going to show you how we’ve selected lucrative stocks, what experts are saying about penny stocks, the time to buy them, how much you might consider investing, how to see my strategy work “on paper” before you invest a cent and much, much more only I can tell you.








Look at the Mind-Blowing Profits These Top Small-Cap Stocks
Have Handed Investors.
You Don’t Have to Be Some Stock Market Genius to Clean Up. I Don’t Care if You’ve Never Bought a Stock Before. That’s the Beauty of My CXS Money-Multiplier Strategy. It Tells You What to Buy and Sell. This Makes It EASY.

If you can capture the moneymaking power of scientifically selected penny stocks, you can make a lot of money and change the way you live. You can start earning money the ways wealthy insiders do. They don’t work for their riches. They pick up the phone and buy stocks that they know are explosively profitable. Just imagine…

You could be driving a new SUV. If you’d invested $5,000 in Dyadic Intl. Inc. (DIL:AMEX) at the right time, you could have a cool $17,857. Sit back, relax, turn on the air conditioner and enjoy your trip. And forget about monthly car payments for a while! You made a hefty down payment and have plenty left over.



From 7 Cents to $9.60 a
Share. The Amazing Story
of the Millionaire-Maker
Stock That Turned $500
Into $68,571.43

Few people had ever heard of a company called Integrated BioPharma Inc. (INB:AMEX). It literally went from 7 cents a share to $9.60. This turns every $500 into $68,571, $1,000 into $137,142, and $5,000 into $685,714. These astonishing profits were available to anyone lucky enough to have picked up the stock at 7 cents a share. Very few people knew about it, because Wall Street would rather keep stocks like these a secret so the insiders can grab all the profits.




A Story Stock That You
Get in and out of Quickly
INB is what we call a “story stock.” That means it’s NOT a long-term investment. What you want to do is get in as early as possible and watch the company like a hawk. That’s because investors become too enthusiastic about the company’s story and begin bidding the price up, up, up – far beyond what it’s really worth when you look at its income statement and balance sheet.
These unique situations have the potential to produce enormous gains. The real secret is to get out before the public changes its perception that the stock could be profitable. While this pick is not part of the Penny Stock Fortunes portfolio, it does show how much money you can make with small-cap stocks.



Why not take that vacation or cruise you’ve always dreamed of? If you’d invested $1,250 in NaviSite Inc. (NAVI:NASDAQ), you’d be sitting on $4,423.70. You only live once, and the right vacation can be a mini-paradise. Have the time of your life! Do it twice a year if you like.

Put a pool in the backyard and dive in! If you’d invested $1,000 in HandHeld Entertainment Inc. (ZVUE:NASDAQ), you’d have a welcome $4,933. It will remind you of being on vacation – except you’re home in a stunning pool of your own. Stay cool, have fun and invite your friends over for a cookout. You can afford it.

Stop worrying about financing your child’s education. If you’d invested $3,500 in Acorda Therapeutics Inc. (ACOR:NASDAQ), you’d have an incredible $25,777. School tuition is a major expense – and well worth the investment. But now you’ve got a nest egg.

Go out to four-star restaurants as often as you like and order what you really want. If you invested $2,000 in International Assets Holding Corp. (IAAC:NASDAQ), you’d have a handsome $4,754.62. That should take care of the bill for quite some time! Don’t sit home – get out and have fun.

How I Find Penny Stocks That Can Be Incredibly Huge Gainers: 7 Steps That Could Turn $200 Into $1 Million

En zo gaat het nog een hele poos door.  Wie gelooft dit…? Zou het überhaupt mogelijk zijn ? Wij vernemen uw opinie graag…

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