jan 252011

Steven Sears had a good piece in Barrons over the weekend disussing the low level of the VIX.  As the market has continued to melt higher we’ve seen increasing levels of complacency as investors become increasingly comfortable with the market and their belief that it simply cannot decline.  While the economic fundamentals certainly back this outlook it’s always nice to have an insurance contract in your back pocket just in case.  In this case, it might be a bit of covered call writing or some outright VIX purchases.

Mijn lezers heb ik net een instrument aangeraden om hier meer dan dubbel van te profiteren : als de VIX stijgt, zoals in Barron’s staat, met 60 %, verdienen zij tot 150 % ! Meer weten ? Neem eens een kijkje op, mijn vernieuwde website.

Sears notes that MKM analysts believe the VIX could jump 60%+ in the coming months.   Not a bad insurance contract to have just in case.  Better yet, it doesn’t keep you out of the game entirely.  Remember, you can’t hit a pitch you don’t swing at.  But now isn’t the time to be swinging for the fences.

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